I Noticed Something

There is this ginger-haired heroine from a TV show I used to watch and it's called "Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends". She's called Firestar and those guys from the Marvel Wikia say that she is based on Spitfire of the group Invaders. It sounds bloody familar to me as a Prodigy fan so I decided to mock the said show as "Liam Howlett and His Amazing Friends". And it also would be fun if Keith Flint had powers to justify him as the Firestarter.
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Brixton Gig

Just wondering if anyone here is going to the Brixton, London gig this Friday? Does anyone know what time the boys will be on stage? The line-up is:

fight like apes
dj eddy temple morris
the prodigy

I'm taking my Dad as a birthday present, but he's got a bad hip (!) so I don't want to get there too early and have to wait for ages.
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I am happy to see a Prodigy comm. on LJ. I've been a fan since I was around 14. I haven't been lucky enough to see them live. I was born in 86'. My fav songs are Spitfire, Breathe, Voodoo ppl, and firestarter.
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